The Basic Guide For Watering Lawns: 3 Rules For Cultivated Grass

By Elizabeth Hage | Gardening Tips

Apr 24

A perfect lawn with a healthy grass that has strong, deep roots is the dream of every gardener. Here’s what you need to do in order to succeed:

1. Morning watering

Between 4 am and 10 am in the morning is the best time for watering the garden because the air is colder and usually there is no strong wind. As it gets late, the water evaporates too quickly, while in the evening, water can be kept on the grass, which can further cause diseases. To make it easy invest in a lawn sprinkler with a timer.

The greatest problem can be the development of fungi, which perfectly corresponds to moist terrain overnight.

2. Fill the earth well

It is very important to moisten the soil well to about 6 inches down, which is the depth of a healthy root system. To check how much moisture your lawn has taken, check the soil after 15 minutes of watering.


The best way to test the humidity of the earth is to make a vertical cut and check how long it takes for water to make its way through the earth, and then how much water is kept each time you turn on the sprinklers. Keep in mind that everyone has a different soil types. Lawns in new residential areas often have a soil that hardly absorbs water. Pour for 30 minutes, then let it absorb water, and then water it again for about 30 minutes.

3. Use pulsating sprays instead of oscillating

Invest money to build a sprayer in your lawn because it is the best watering system. This is the most efficient watering system and will pay you in the long run. If you plan to live in this location for many years, this type of sprinkler is a good and worthwhile investment.

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For homeowners who do not have an irrigation system and do not want to invest in such a system, the pulsating sprayer attached to the garden hose is the best choice for watering the lawn. The sprayer expels the water horizontally and at a high speed so that the droplets cannot be sprayed in the wind.

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