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Apr 24

Make Your Garden More Interesting With 8 Simple Tricks

By Elizabeth Hage | Gardening Tips

By careful planning of the yard, you will create a picture from a fairy tale. Paths, lighting, plants, fountains are the elements that if are placed in the right place will separate your yard from all others. Whether the yard is arranged informally or formally, modernly or classically, a few tricks that we will reveal will make your garden magical.

1. Make terraces

Give the form to your steep yard. Steep yards are not easy to edit, creating stairs or terraces will create interesting zones. Make use of these terraces to create a special story on each.

2. Hide shortcomings

Plants are really the basis of every garden. They not only look nice but can hide all the defects of your yard. When you want to hide some part of your garden, select plants of sufficient height.

3. Mix different materials

Mixing different materials will add extra interest to your backyard. Combine old bricks and concrete slabs with gravel which is cheap material and extremely grateful.

4. Combine the colors as in the apartment

Play with colors. Combine red bricks with blue flowers. Or, for modern yards, the combination of black gravel with white flowers looks elegant.

5. Bend the walls

Make long and narrow courtyards more interesting with curved brick walls. Only two rows of bricks or stones will make your garden unrecognizable.

6. Pergola is multifunctional

Enlarge your yard with some larger object like a pergola. Pergola will provide privacy, but will also serve as a support for your climbing and grape plants.

7. Make the focal point of the yard

Deking is a solution for modern yards and a great way to make a focal point in the garden. Place the garden furniture on the surface of the decking panels. Depending on the material, the panels are relatively cheap and easy to install.

8. Stone decoration will give the yard a texture

It will also give color and depth to your yard. It will best fit with garden ponds. Do not make stones in the shady areas of your yard.