Make A Topiary In Your Garden

By Elizabeth Hage | Gardening Tips

Jan 02

Your garden can become a real little masterpiece if you take scissors in your hands and use your imagination. While it is a problem for many to successfully grow a garden, others have gone a step further and have become true artists in arranging their garden. The true example of this is topiary, horticultural art of design, i.e. pruning of evergreen shrubs and trees, which is quite demanding, but the result that many leave without breath is a sign that it is worth trying out in this gardening skill.

Useful Steps to Follow When Building a Topiary Garden in Your Backyard

This is an ancient skill that the Romans knew about – richer houses decorated their gardens and atriums with topiary. In the 19th century, they became a real hit in England and retained that status so far, so many would say that these are the typical English gardens. But today, for such a garden, you don’t need a lot of money, only good will, a little skill, and the area where you will plant and shape your sculptures. You can even work with plants you planted in jars on the balcony or in front of the house.

It is important that these are evergreen cultures that do not lose leaves in the winter so that the shape you made can be maintained through the entire year. More suitable for shaping are denser plants that have small leaves or needles and can be quickly restored after you cut them. When it comes to shapes, you can completely use your imagination – from ordinary geometric shapes like balls, cones, cubes to all those animals or symbols like heart, circle, spiral, and other abstract forms. If you are just a beginner then it is best to start from basic, simpler forms because you will be learning how to shape and what are the specificities of topiaries.


In many grocery stores, there are molds to form plants. However, apart from designing and regular maintenance (once a month, or twice in the growing season), it is necessary to regularly water your topiary in order for it to grow and stay green and fresh.

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