How To Professionally Take Care Of Your Lawn

By Elizabeth Hage | Gardening Tips

Apr 24
beautiful dense lawn

Taking care of the lawn can be hard. It looks as if the grass grows everywhere, in places where it is undesirable, in concrete cracks, and then it is strange that the grass won’t grow properly in your garden. If you are interested in how to get that beautiful dense lawn from world-wide garden photos, this article is for you. With some professional help, you can also have a garden where beautiful grass grows. Just follow these simple steps.


Moss and grass-free staining occur most often in the shade of trees. The grass usually needs at least six hours of direct light to grow successfully. You can repair the growth of the grass by trimming the tree’s crown. If this is too much a radical solution for you, consider whether you need a lawn in that part. Here you can plant flowers and shrubs that grow in the shade. Also, if the problem is in the lack of light for an hour or two, then plant a grass that is tolerant to the lack of sunlight. Leave the paths you made. It’s obvious that people like that shortcut. Just make a garden path with gravel.

For a beautiful grassy area, regular organic or artificial fertilizers are required.

Consult your pharmacy or garden fertilizer center in order to learn how to properly use fertilizer, in which ratio, and how to combine fertilizer with herbicides, insecticides, etc. The best time to apply fertilizer is in the morning. Moisture will help activate the fertilizer. Be careful to follow instruction so you won’t burn your grass.

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Over time, holes and irregularities appear on the lawn. Fill these holes with tiny soil. Do this before aeration. Then distribute the grassland to the ground. Another thing is very important if you want to have a lawn of dreams, which is a regular mowing. Most lovers of beautiful lawns forget that it needs aeration (lawn ventilation). By aerating, you can boost oxygen supply and water from root grass. Do not try to aerate the lawn when the soil is dry.

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